The Plain Truth About Romney and What He “Did/Does” Versus What He “Says” — No Comments

  1. Newt Gingrich is the ONLY candidate that can actually defeat dictator-in-the-making Barack Obama AND actually then as President change America toward a positive direction, his past historic accomplishes and the fact that he can work across the aisle to get great things done for Americans is proof that Newt is the man to lead America through this perilous time. He is against homosexual marriage and for the reinstatement of DADT. Ronald Reagan was NOT a perfect candidate nor President, with the establishment Republicans not happy, just like they aren’t about a 90% lifetime Republican who doesn’t fit their “moderate” mold like failed candidates McCain, Dole and Bush Sr. after Reagan. Go Newt! Thanks for listening, 777denny

  2. At this time I believe Newt Gingrich would be the best candidate. I like what he says and what he believes, but he seems to be very soft spoken which is not a bad thing. He is running against someone who will do anything to get this nomination. If Newt gets nominated to run against a lying, cheating, and stealing Obama he is going to be hit with everything in the book. I hope he stands up against these two, because a defensive war is a hard war to win in politics.

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