Why Mitt’s Mormonism Should Be Of Great Concern To American Voters — No Comments

  1. The author of this article is lacks credibility or at least lacks credibility on the discussed topics. My favorite part is the repeated use of the word secret followed by the author’s explanation of what happens in the mormon temples. In summary, either you don’t know what happens in the temple or its not a “secret”. I would like the author to indicate which it is because it can not be both. It is also my understanding that by law in the U.S., all private ceremonies and rituals performed must be fully disclosed in publicly accessible documents. This leads me to believe that none of this is “secret” and therefore the author lacks credibility on the topics discussed.

    Secondly, without looking into the quotes, most of them seem like they are taken out of context.

    • My understanding, from her short biographical text, is that she knows these secrets because she has been through them herself whilst a member of the Mormon Church. For whatever reason she has left that faith, and thus no longer feels compelled to keep the secrets of the Church, secret.

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  3. Dear Tricia Erickson,

    I would have to say that you are a courageous person who uncovered the truth about Mormon cult.

    As I get to know more and more about Mormon cult, I realize how crazy and dangerous they are to the society.
    I know that from my experience.

    I urge you to be on ‘The Today Show with Jon Stuwart’ to inform people about Mitt Romney’s true ambition.

    Thanks for the great information.

  4. I would have to say that you have no idea what you are talking about. Perhaps you should actually go to the church and learn before you mouth your ridiculous words and lies. You say “As a former Mormon Bishop’s daughter and a former Temple Mormon wife, I can attest to the facts herein” You are full of it lady. And sad part is you are an outright lair.

    • Does Mormonism teach pathological lying? Romney is the biggest LIAR I have ever seen!

  5. To: Anonymous

    Then it must be true about Mitt Romney ambition because your statement to defend against the allegations of this article bring to question that you know more that what the author knows or you defending Mitt Romney because of voter preference. Furthermore to be so negatively defensive about the article on the context of other certain information makes want to investigate the Mornmon religion/cult even more. My question to you, why did you remain anonymous when replying to this article? Are you hiding something? Are you a mormon? If so, would you be willing to enlighten the truth? If not, why the defensive opinion against the author of this article? If you say she’s a liar, what proof do you have to contest her article? It figures. Another Romneybot. Anonymous you are loser and uninformed bigot. Next time you comment state some facts to your stank statement.

  6. I just finished reading Carolyn Jessop’s book about her life in the Mormon church and her escape from it. Everything this lady is talking about is what was in this book. If this is Mitt’s idea of God and Jesus, I want no part of it. There are many false religions and Mitt is in one of the biggest. This is NOT a religion, it is a CULT.

    • Corrine, I read Carolyn Jessopo’s book also and highly recommend it to all. God Bless,
      Tricia Erickson

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  8. Sounds like the author, and others have some ax to grind about the Mormon church.
    First NO ONE knows what “Romney believes….” because no one can look into the heart of a person and KNOW. They can assume which is saying they are just plain guessing.
    I know lots of church goers of many different faiths and they each of their churches has something in common.. each thinks their way is THE way to God. But a church’s doctrine is not necessarily accepted 100% by any church’s membership. Folk have this human tendency to pick the pieces they like and just give lip service to the rest. Good thing, too, or there would be holly wars spouting all over the place.
    Each Church’s “My Way or the Highway” attitude is pretty much S.O.P. for religious organizations as a whole. Morman, Catholic…. not all that different.
    It’s obvious to me the author has some serious gender issues with this Church, which is male dominated, as are, historically, all the major religions. So, what else is new? You will also find horror stories in EVERY church, not because of the church, but because some humans have a nasty tendency to use the church as an EXCUSE for their actions. Is that the fault of a church? Or is it just a human failing that a percentage of every church’s members seems to succumb to?
    This is NO DIFFERENT than the stupid stuff when Kennedy was running that the Pope would rule America if a Catholic was elected.
    I have serious doubts about a supposed conservative attacking someone because of which Christian church they belong to..

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