Why are Media Conservatives Buying the Homosexual Propaganda? — No Comments

  1. Dear Mr Baldwin, I just read your article, “Why Are Media Conservatives etc.” in Christian News, which I subscribe to. It Is Excellent!!

    However, I do have one comment to make about it. Namely, that I do not believe that the homosexuals by themselves are pushing their agenda. They are really just the stooges. All of these attacks on our Christian faith, culture, the USA, etc. are a highly planned & organized campaign of attack. I am, of course, referring to the Marxists-Communists. Why isn’t the finger pointed at these awful people? These people have NO scruples-none whatsoever. That is pretty upsetting.

    Have you seen the DVD Agenda or read Whittaker Chambers book, “Witness”, or “I Chose Freedom” by V. Kravchenko? John Stormer has also written some excellent books. After reading these, and other books, one begins to see a pattern that repeats itself.

    Keep the excellent article coming, but please, call a spade a spade!

    Thank you for your time.
    God, that is, the Holy Triune God with Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior, guide & protect you!

    Sincerely, Patricia Hokenson

  2. Paticia: I don’t disagree with your comments. There are indeed powerful interests that are dedicated to changing our culture. The homosexuals have poured millions into such groups because they want to destroy the traditional family unit and change our values to “progressive” values with the goal being to break the bonds that tie our culture to Christian principles.

    • Is it my imagination or do these “groups” primarily push Christian organizations rather than say Muslim or Jewish ones? And yet, homosexuality is forbidden in them as well.
      Thoughts on that?

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