Examining America’s Pastor Joel Osteen — No Comments

  1. I admit there was a time I liked Joel Osteen and watched a couple of his TV programs but no more. I would go so far as to say Joel Osteen is at least dangerously close to being apostate.
    We should have good self esteem but it should be based on how God
    sees us and His love for us. Not on man’s opinion. Afterall we are admonished by the word of God that “To every man among you not to think of himself more highly he ought to think…” Romans 12:3.

    • I attend Joel’s Church and I have to say these comments are somewhat true. He doesn’t seem to spend much time in the “Word of God” He repeats himself quite a bit. He never talks about how as a child of God we need to surrender to God’s way and direction. Inother words the Bible says we die daily to ourselves and ungodly desires. We are told to be content in whatever state we are in. Not always having financial prosperity, but a balance. We cannot compare and compete our lives with other believers, we are each called to different purposes and plans.

      He is not a “Defender of the Faith”, strong with convictions, he wants to stay on the positive, looking at us the children of God. That’s great but children need their meat and vegetables too, not just cake and ice cream of the truth. I really like the guy myself, and he makes me happy. But, he needs to teach the whole truth of the word of God, and not always aim at pleasing and encouraging the believers.

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