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  1. As much as I respect you personally and your professional opinions I cannot but disagree with the overall assessment you make here. Let me first state clearly what I agree heartily with and think is important: individual (private or otherwise) initiative in medicine and elsewhere is hugely important, crucial, in fact. Many, probably most, of the socialised systems of medicine have failed in respecting this. But so do also all big institutions with centralised governance and policies, privately funded or publicly. So I think a part of the issue is big versus small rather than private versus public, even if I admit that there will be a strong tendency for public to be big.

    But in any case all statistics speak rather against the US medical system, despite the supremacy of US research results. You in the US spend by far more than anyone else on health care, cf.

    The general health results for the US are nowhere in proportion. The US come very high in cancer survival but followed by several countries with socialised medicine. When it comes to life expectancy or infant mortality, very many counrties with more or less socialised medicine do much better than the US. For life expectancy the US come on a very modest 32nd place according to this source: and as to infant mortality the US is number 29 according to this source:

    I admit that I do not know the effects of Obama care on smaller practices like yours. I do hope that they are not too detrimental. In any case, even if I am eternally grateful to you for your skills and humanity, I must confess dissent to what you say here: socialised medicine gives much better results, on the whole, not necessarily in individual cases.Mild Northern European socialism (if that is the term for it) results in healthier, greater longevity, and probably happier populations that American “private enterprise capitalism”. Sorry to say, as much as I adore America for a number a of reasons.



    Professor Eyjólfur K. Emilsson
    Bb. 1020, Blindern
    0315 Oslo

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