The “Debt-Free” College Bait — No Comments

  1. Dr. Rosenwasser’s elegant arguments are a pleasure to read. The fact is, however, that she does not follow her reasoning to its logical conclusion. There is, e.g., no reason that pre-k and kindergarten, not to mention the higher grades, should be provided by the government. Surely those little sponges-in-training could at least contribute to the cost of their education.
    Furthermore, the success of European democracies which provide free or low cost higher education to their citizens cannot be assumed to pertain to the US. Our country is saddled with a lazy and presumptuous underclass which will underperform to the maximum possible extent.
    In sum, Darwinian selection should be encouraged to run its natural course, the strong must be permitted to dominate and our species will improve to the point where the gods will have nothing on us.

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