Racism, Truth, and Politics in 2016 — No Comments

  1. Srsly. Alex Jones? Infowars? This allegation was litigated repeatedly 20-odd years ago, and cynical political operatives rejected it as “garbage”, beneath contempt. And it was pushed by none other than Lucianne Goldberg and Matt Drudge, which is all anyone needs to know:

    Have you no self-respect?

  2. Rudy Giuliani repeated this same bottom-feeding sleaze before the debate:

    Cuban rightly pointed out that Giuliani’s wild conspiracy theory has no merit. Giuliani’s remark seems to refer to a tabloid story from 1992 that Clinton fathered a child with an Arkansas prostitute. Though Clinton’s alleged son continues to push the story on social media and some outlets recently re-circulated it, it was debunked by DNA evidence in 1999.

    Although the story is false, it’s part of the sexist playbook to blame Hillary for Bill’s indiscretions.

    Sleaze. Pure sleaze. And you repeated this sleaze as truth.

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