Intelligence Oversight: An Insider’s Perspective — 6 Comments

  1. You are absolutely correct, Mike. Not at all to criticize your article, one point that I would have emphasized more is how the “incidental collection” alibi that the press and some politicians have bantered about to legitimize this is a complete “cow patty” excuse. One of the essential purposes of the law is to prevent the identification/publication of those identities of US persons that might be caught up in collections against foreign targets. To now say these American citizens were simply incidental to a legal collection activity misses, or better yet, is an attempt to hide the entire point of the law from the “unknowing” public. I know you mention this above, but it really aggravates me that the mainstream press isn’t all over this obviously illegal activity.

    • What frightens me is that a perfectly legitimate intelligence program is now going to face a gauntlet to keep it going simply because it now has been shown to be manipulated by the Obama administration. Harkens me back to His IRS rule manipulation of conservative
      organization’s tax exempt status, some folks should still go to jail over that.

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