A Simple American Solution for Today’s Government-Caused Health Care Crisis — 2 Comments

  1. I love how republicans who are supposed to be about limited federal government and states rights keep pushing the idea of selling across state lines. This is the federal government fundamentally taking authority away from individual states. Way to take over Feds!

    Secondly, anybody in healthcare knows that what makes insurance affordable in a market, especially our free enterprise system, is the ability of an insurance company to negotiate deep discounts from providers. To do that you have to have volume that offsets the discounts the providers will grant. Simple economics here. It’s why so many companies don’t enter new markets where they don’t have sufficient presence. And why so many smaller insurers have gone out of business.

    Selling across state lines is the biggest nothing event there could be and will do nothing to impact health care costs.

    • How hypocritical! You seem to feel that the Affordable Care Act is fine and Constitutional, yet what is Constitutional is an encumbrance. With 50 states, with 50 Insurance Commissions each with their own Rules and Regs obviously, the easiest means of assuring citizens their “natural rights” is to provide Federal guidelines to which the states may comply. Should a state, as a Sovereign entity, elect to opt out of compliance and fail to protect the rights of its citizen, they would then be allowed to purchase insurance from any state (across state line).

      The basic concept is to protect the individual; as the first duty of Government (Federal or State) is to protect the “natural rights” of its citizenry. The first duty of Government is not to force the governed to purchase any good or service – as was done under Obamacare.

      None of this precludes insurance companies from negotiating discounts from providers. Selling across state lines, as is done with everything from automobile to life insurance, will as it has in the past lead to increased access to insurance and a reduction in premium costs – which have risen unacceptably. Health care costs are a separate issue.

      However, I suspect no argument of reality will be accepted by you. As an apparent “Collective” (Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, et al) reality is only what you wish it to be.

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