Murder is Not Caused by Guns or Trucks, But by Our Thinking — 2 Comments

  1. Well said. Problem is … I don’t see many of the people who riot, murder, behave unbecoming…who are willing to even read your article with sincerity. If they would read it at all, it would be to find ridiculous criticism like “poor syntax”and call you poorly educated..etc. I see that kind of thing all the time on internet blogs. They don’t want to understand or listen to reason or use their thought processes for unity…they just want you to yield to their selfish thinking and shut up. They are so heavily indoctrinated that they refuse to think in any other way. Such a shame for us all as their refusal to reason will cause the downfall of our nation and the loss of our freedom, and oh will things change then!

    • Thanks Jane for your remarks. We all have blind spots and lots to learn. So it actually does help when each of us learns to recognize our own triggers and stressors. Then we can learn to change our thinking and stop focusing on the negative, looking for the good, as well as places of unity. As each of us learns to be more relaxed and loving, seeing as we are all connected at our Source, the more good energy we produce. Emotions and energy are contagious.

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