Have the Barbarians Crashed the Gates at Pepperdine University? — 8 Comments

  1. If you set aside the author’s fear of losing a system that clearly benefits him you see a wonderful history of a school that has shown tremendous growth in spite of a very narrow foundation. Please also read Dr. Cargill’s remarks linked in the article.

  2. Too long. This should be a short book. I agree that public schools have all become centers of liberal dominance because they do not allow opposing viewpoints. So sad for the future of Americans. They are giving away their freedom and are so gullible that they don’t even realize it. When the final nail has been placed in the coffin of our Constitution (capital letter…name of an official document) all citizens will have lost the only thing that guarantees their freedom. Our founders wrote extensively that the Constitution was written for a virtuous and moral people…that it would be inadequate for any other. Guess we have ceased to be a moral people…just look around at how we have removed God from all our institutions including the family…and even the crimes of illegals are overlooked. Drugs are rampant, and many want to legalize them. I fear for the future of my beloved country.

  3. We get it. To the privileged, a loss of that privilege looks like persecution. You write male Christians are the epitome of everything Jesus opposed — love of money, hunger for power, and hatred for anyone who is different. You anti-LGBT folks are indeed the same as the pro-slavery Christians of the 19th Century; you use your wealth and power to belittle and dehumanize Americans who aren’t heterosexual.

    Why is the world moving rapidly away from the superstition known as religion? It’s YOU. You are driving people away with your need for total superiority over others.

    Guess what? Jesus was a liberal who believed all humans were equal in the eyes of God. Too bad only us liberal atheists are fighting for that equality now.

    “Conservative” is now synonymous with “uneducated” because of you and others who share your beliefs. You must be so proud of yourselves!

  4. Breed#7
    You sound like a pompous ass.
    To call the author of the article uneducated only exemplifys your ignorance. Your going to get crushed in the real world, with your save spaces, victimization theories, etc. Grow up!!. Every human being on the planet could find some issue in their life to feel victimized over.

  5. Great article Steve.

    Well written. America needs to move away from this socialism focus. Why does everyone like socialism now? We need to go back to Fascism. Now hear me out, if there was a big movement supporting Nazism in this country, it would wipe out the Socialist. Of course we wouldn’t adopt Nazisms more extreme views, but they had a lot of good ideas that shouldn’t be overlooked.

    Steve we are on the same side.

    It feels good to stand next to ya partner.

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  7. Thanks Steve. You are an amazing writer. I also idolize Pat Robertson. I love that he can leg press 2000lbs, which is a world record and I absolutley live love Jerry Falwell whose declaration said 9/11 represented gods judgement on America’s sinful behavior.

    You could not have chose better people to identify yourself with.

    God speed.

  8. Steve, you are so right. And you get right to your point with out too many boring words. I commend your editor for this piece. In your case more is less!!! Now if we can just get the gays out of Pepperdine it will produce the God Fearing White men that built this country and the sexy hot blonds that did as they were told for the men of this world. Yours very truly INCEL lover…

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