Wearing the Yellow Star of the NRA … March 24, 2018 . . . Let the Shame Game Begin — 2 Comments

  1. Proves liberal government does not work for citizens…Broward sheriff was a Clinton supporter ….not doing his job by the book…and FBI…well…who knows why they never investigated the phone calls about Nicholas Cruz?

  2. For several generations we have been brain washed by those who call themselves democrats which is not the democratic party of our fathers. Now the political correctness that has taken over our country has made our citizens insecure about speaking their own minds. This has flooded down through our educational system into several generations mind-bending our children not to think for themselves, with the curriculum being changed into nothingness as far as history, morals, and learning to go out into the world with the thought they were prepared to make it through hard work. Heaven forbid our parents have given their children everything without knowing what went into it to have such possessions. Responsibility has went out the door also.

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