Leave My President Alone! — 4 Comments

  1. To answer your question…yes, “we” can give grace, but experience proves that while libs expect it, they have no intention of giving it. Believers need to pray continuously for our president who is losing so much (salary, business income, reputation as a winner, etc. to give his time, energy, business sense, etc to us for what? Just to keep his promise to make America great again. I don’t like that campaign slogan but he is doing a really good job for us! Go Trump! Past history that has nothing to do with his patriotism is irrelevant.

  2. I wish they would leave our president alone as well. He has accomplished more than what obama did in 2 terms. I don’t agree with them planting “the racist term” on him. On the case of the immigration craze is simple. One bad apple can spoil the rest. He has to protect us as a nation first and sift out the bad ones from the good ones. I love how he is opinionated and although he may come off as rude to some people atleast he expresses how he feels in “his own way” and not just some speech attempting to move audiences with sweet words and false promises.

  3. I am tired of the liberal Democrats hating on our duly elected president. Even today Hillary Clinton said he was an illegitimate president. What is she talking about? This President deserves our support because of all of the things he has done to improve our economy and make America great again. The liberal Democrats know that they cannot defeat him in the next election so they are trying to get rid of him this way. Stand behind President Trump!

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