Tales from the Trail: Observations of My Own Political Race — 2 Comments

  1. Great article. I find it strange that there are so many veterans that aren’t registered to vote. They want the services and complain when they don’t get them but they won’t get off their duffs and put the people in place that will represent them and keep the services they so badly need. My guess, they think these things fall from the sky. Yes, Elpaso county used to be the Republican stronghold of the State and by letting, as you said, Republicans-in-Name-Only (RINOs) and, your coined phrase, Democrats-Operating-in-Republican-Clothing (DORCs)-which really fits so many-get the reins we are slowly becoming blue. However, fighting our way through the concertina wire protected establishment will be a long process. But, people will have to get involved, they will have to develope a want to win attitude, before anything will change and we need change. Again great article.

  2. Mr. Thomas, thank you, Sir!

    I appreciate the feedback and the support. I know you from my campaign trail and the friendship we have forged along the way. I thank you for all you have done for me and the interest you continue to show in my desire to change local politics. As a fellow veteran, I thank you and salute your service.

    God bless,


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