Why Republicans LOSE Elections (Colorado, Pay Attention) — 4 Comments

  1. The reason we have RINO’s running against Democrats is we lose the good candidates in the primary elections due to 10 to 1 dark campaign money for RINO’s. We are lazy and don’t do our homework, we wait and vote all red thinking we’ve done a good thing. We’ll do a good thing when we know the issues and who is who in the primaries. Until then, we’ll never have good representatives in D.C.

  2. Mr. Martin,

    Spot on. We lose when we fail to primary challenge the RINOs and that only sets up the failure later against the Dems during the general election. RINOs enjoy the advantage of the dark money as you point out because they are propped up by business interests who stand to gain from the promised pay-for-play schemes.

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