Will More Teachers Smash Boundaries under Compulsory “LGBT” School Lessons? — 1 Comment

  1. As a retired public school teacher, I saw this coming in 2010, so I left the profession I loved. Administration is bent on including and mandating such teaching. I urge all parents to get their children OUT of public schools and into private or charter schools. Sexual perversion is not the only curriculum that has gone awry. I’ve seen high school English papers about Islamic vocabulary and social studies lessons about the 5 pillars of the Islamic faith, etc. Better not say Christian or Jesus in a public school… you can be fired for not observing “separation of church and state”… which does NOT occur in the Constitution!!! But liberal courts use it anyway in their decisions. We are being duped behind our backs through the very deliberate indoctrination of our children from K through college. I was hoping Betsy DeVose would put a stop to this, but I think the left deep state is well entrenched in every department and agency that Trump and his people are meeting massive road blocks at every turn. Please pray for everyone in the Trump Administration and for revival in this nation!!!!!!!!! Or we will lose God’s favor. This with abortion to birth, etc. must truly sicken the heart of our very good God. I wonder why he has stayed his hand against us this long. I don’t think He will much longer.. and ideas from the left continue to be farther left and more outrageous. Maranatha!

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