Will the Defeat of Trump in 2020 lead to Civil War? — 4 Comments

  1. Wow the webinar was fantastic and some might say unbelievable but it is all actually happening before our eyes. It is better for us to be aware with our eyes wide open. Thank you

  2. Steve… You are so right. They are taking over our land that our fathers fought and died for. Do you know how i can help build the wall that will save us all?

  3. Trump is totally dishonest and totally self serving. We have come to the point that when he is talking we have no idea whether what he is saying is the truth or BS. Because of this he is not qualified to be president of USA . This very conservative Republican will vote for Biden and hope the Republican party gets it’s act together during the next 4 years. They really blew t when they had the opportunity to Toss trump after he was impeached.

  4. You are so cavalier in dismissing Trump’s lying, cheating, criminal behavior, and unethical business practices, It’s not about his tweets it’s about his lack of a moral compass. His compass only points back at himself. He is a totally self-serving narcissistic individual who has no empathy, or compassion for others. Oh, he can fake it when he realizes it is self serving. After all he’s had years of experience starring in a fake reality TV show where he was the center of that universe. He should have stayed there where he was actually effective in creating an alternate universe where he could do no harm and his constant need for attention could be served. His walk from the White House to LaFayette Park brandishing the Bible while peaceful protesters were being cleared with tear gas and rubber bullets and his sycophantic advisers stood around him like faithful chimps, all staged for optimum cinematic effect where Trump could declare himself the law and order president was the most contrived bit of political chauvanism ever created. Pathetic, indeed.

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