Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, and Angels of Death — 1 Comment

  1. Very good article. There seems to be a trend of not listening or pro-actively telling all treatment options to patients not needing surgery (the big ticket item) soon. There seems to be a lumping in of all or most people over 55 into the “not worth a lot of attention and respect” camp. It does seem that the profession is fairly happy to give up on the older patient or younger patient with more complicated health history and relegate them to “pain management” with pills or as you state, Hospice “Care” prematurely and without patient full knowledge of all the consequences of “accepting that help”. Thank you for your ethical stance, Dr. Singleton. I heard you discussing issues of this era with George Noory (sp?) tonight and found this website. I’ll be checking this site more often to see your latest posts. Keep up this important work–all of us really need your voice.

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