Why Are Some Governors Blocking Physicians’ Attempts to Save Lives in Coronavirus Pandemic?​ — 2 Comments

  1. This older, politically conservative woman,(me) is ready to start making noise about not be able to get Hydroxychloroquine
    to fend of this potentially deadly virus. I’ve never been good at taking no for an answer and would love to find like minded people to band together.

  2. Great article. Thank you. It is a preventative too. Read this PDF. All those governors banning it are harming. Americans “This FDA filed clinical trial and the study published by Chinese researchers below, showed MAJOR improvements in outcomes when using Hydroxycloroquine.
    Better yet was what was written about those who already were using HCQ previously for lupus, etc. (note that in America, Plaquenil has 5 million regular subscriptions)
    In the hospital studied, those using HQC regularly and had pneumonia, did not test positive…..and conversely, those who were positive with Corona, had no one who had taken HQC regularly. Quotes from the actual study are below.

    “Significance: Among patients with COVID-19, the use of HCQ could significantly shorten TTCR and promote the absorption of pneumonia.
    Trial registration: URL: ( clinical trials .gov) The unique identifier: ChiCTR2000029559.”

    “Interestingly, through a follow-up survey, we found that none of our 80 SLE patients who took long-term oral HCQ had been confirmed to have SARS-CoV-2 infection or appeared to have related symptoms. In addition, among the 178 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia in our hospital, none were receiving HCQ treatment before admission. All predicting the use of HCQ in SARS-CoV-2 infections. As one of the clinical research registration units in China, we aimed to investigate the efficiency of HCQ in patients with COVID-19 in this study.”

    The China study’s motivation to print this Feb trial publicly was this in the China clinical trial list of references.
    “March 19, 2020 press release.
    “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration continues to play a critical role in the multifaceted all-of-government response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which includes, among other things, facilitating medical countermeasures to treat and prevent the disease, and surveilling the medical product and food supply chains for potential shortages or disruptions and helping to mitigate such impacts, as necessary.
    As part of those efforts, President Trump has directed the FDA to continue its work with the public and private sector to ensure the availability of potentially safe and effective life-saving drugs to patients who are in desperate need, including those infected with COVID-19.”

    Considering that 9 manufacturers are ramping up production, 250 million doses, says someone believes this is the answer, along with President Trump. (:

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