No one wants an HB2 debate, again! — 2 Comments

  1. Excellent points. I would add the following (as one who has dealt with same-sex attraction):
    The accumulated, illegitimate “non-discrimination” laws/ordinances of the past 50+ years need to be repealed. The SOGI aspects simply bring this need into sharp focus.

    “Discrimination” is NOT a constitutional principle – the word does not appear in that document. The relevant principle is Liberty. After Liberty was first declared (1776) an unalienable (not government-given but Creator-endowed) right, “We, the People …. in order to secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity (did) ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States of America.” So Liberty is the preeminent principle; it is a God-given right that is the basis for establishing our Constitution. Ergo, government’s chief duty is to protect “Liberty for all”; it has NO authority whatsoever to infringe on or deny Liberty to anyone.
    Now, let this sink into your mind. Liberty is, in fact, our unalienable/constitutional right TO discriminate as individuals (persons and entities such as a business, church, etc.) – to make our own decisions (right or wrong) without government coercion. Government has NO authority to prohibit “individual” discrimination. A law/ordinance which designates any class of people (age, sex, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.) as a protected class and prohibits discrimination by “individuals” is automatically anti-Liberty. This is the root problem today which must be corrected by properly re-asserting the preeminence of Liberty and relegating discrimination to it’s non-constitutional standing.
    Examples: If a restaurant declines to serve me because I’m an “old guy” (age/sex discrimination), they are rightfully exercising their Liberty. As long as I can be served at another restaurant, I’m not being denied my Liberty. Similarly, if a Muslim employer declines to hire me for a job opening because I’m a Christian (religious discrimination), he is rightfully exercising his Liberty. But for government to compel the restaurant to serve me or the employer to hire me (using illegitimate non-discrimination laws) IS a denial of their rightful Liberty.
    What about the 1964 Civil Rights Law? It was just and right, not because it “prohibited discrimination” on the basis of color (that was the unfortunate wording that has led to present disastrous consequences). The significance of the law was that it gave Black People the “Liberty” they had previously been denied, not by mere “individual” discrimination, but by “government” discrimination (Jim Crow/segregation laws). Today’s illegitimate “non-discrimination” laws are functioning like segregation laws; they are denying Liberty to all those not included in the designated “protected” class. Government’s job is NOT to protect people from individual discrimination, but to protect “Liberty for all”

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