‘Following the Science,’ or the COVID Narrative? — 5 Comments

  1. Including myself and my wife we have 4 other couples that caught covie, and recovered in 5 to 10 days on Ivermectin and Hydroxy and the azrthimyecine. 6 were jabbed, 4 were not, I was not and will never take the jab. Sorry for the spelling !!

  2. Fauci, the cdc , fda, who, AMA are criminal cartels. I would check into a hospital today under any circumstance. there is no doubt in my mind that I would never walk out of it.

  3. Most science is dead. It is steered in a mostly socialist, agenda specific way and therefore has lost its ubiquity. When claimed as being settled, man shows that he is indeed inane. You can never have science where the end result is already known. Science is always a process of discovery and is never settled to my way of thinking.

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