hearne-100hearne-book-100Author, teacher and former Reagan appointee to the U.S. Department of Education, Donna Hearne in her new book, The Long War and Common Core warns about the subversive Trojan horse of Common Core and the current federal educational proposals. Hearne documents the eighty-year old plan to change American exceptionalism, using the schools, into American servitude by destroying the independent, analytical thinking of individuals and replacing it with doctrinaire, programmed group thought. She points out how in texts and the Common Core standards America is being portrayed as the bad guy and capitalism destructive. Progressive, social justice is good and Christianity predatory. The individual should not control his own money but be forced to “share it.”

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  1. I am reading “The Long War & Common Core”. I would like permission to copy excerpts from it to my “Joe Chiang for ND Education” FB page. How can I contact her to get permission?

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