Dr. Judith Reisman, author of the new book, Sexual Sabotage, is sought worldwide to speak, lecture, testify and counsel individuals, organizations, professionals and governments in Media Forensics, the scientific analysis of images, pictures, cartoons, illustrations, pornography and text in sexual harassment of women and children in the workplace, schools and homes.

Her media forensic expertise has been successful in child custody cases, examining “pseudo-child” and “virtual-child” pornography, as well as in judicial and legislative decisions about fraudulent sex science, sex education and the way in which media images restructure human brain, mind, memory, and conduct by hijacking rationality.

The special emphasis of her research continues to be the scientific documentation of the difference between public and private space human erotic displays, and the subversion of informed consent via exposure to supranormal visual stimuli.

Dr. Judith Reisman is a consultant and former president of The Institute for Media Education, and is the scientific advisor for the California Protective Parents Association.

A sought-after expert in the field of Media Forensics, Dr. Reisman is also an author and has been a consultant to four U.S. Department of Justice administrations.

She’s authored or co-authored several titles, including:

  • Kinsey, Sex and Fraud: The Indoctrination of a People
  • Kinsey, Crimes and Consequences
  • The Red Queen and the Grand Scheme
  • Soft Porn Plays Hardball: Its Tragic Effects on Women, Children and the Family  

You can order author-autographed copies here: https://superstore.wnd.com/sexual-sabotage-e-book/

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