Dr. G. Keith SmithAnesthesiologist Dr. G. Keith Smith serves as the medical director, CEO and managing partner of a “free market” outpatient surgery center in Oklahoma City, while also maintaining an active private practice.

Dr. G. Keith Smith is the co-founder of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, one of the few medical facilities in America that openly posts the prices of its surgeries on its website. The fee-for-service medical facility is devoted to delivering top-rate care at a fraction of what conventional hospitals charge.

When Dr. G. Keith Smith launched the first website displaying all-inclusive pricing for various surgical procedures in 2009 it attracted national and even international attention for him and the Oklahoma medical treatment facility, which is owned and operated by around forty of the top physicians and surgeons in central Oklahoma.

Since then, many Canadians and uninsured Americans have taken full advantage of the low and transparent pricing available at the surgical treatment center.

The operation of this free market medical practice, arguably the only one of its kind in the U.S., has also garnered the endorsement of policymakers and legislators across the nation.

The Surgery Center of Oklahoma’s consumer-driven model could well become increasingly more common as Americans look for alternatives to the traditional health care market in the face of higher costs and reduced access to doctors and hospitals under the Affordable Care Act.

Dr. Keith Smith, co-founder of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, explained to Bill O’Reilly (The O’Reilly Factor) how patients across North America have grown increasingly tired of waiting in line for prohibitively expensive medical treatment and will naturally gravitate towards lower-cost, higher-quality medical care available from physicians and facilities outside of ObamaCare.

Self-funded insurance plans are already taking advantage of Dr. Keith Smith’s medical services pricing model in greater numbers, resulting in significant savings to their employee health plans.

Dr. Keith Smith believes that the healthcare system is perversely designed to keep Americans paying higher and higher prices while subsidizing huge corporate-controlled hospitals with tax dollars obtained through their fictional not-for-profit status.

Dr. Keith Smith took the opportunity to discuss with John Stossel just how these “non-profit” hospitals and insurance companies drive up the cost of care by practicing dishonesty in pricing.

Dr. G. Keith Smith hopes that as many medical treatment facilities as possible adopt a similar transparent pricing model, a move he believes will lower healthcare costs for all and improve quality of patient care.

To encourage widespread adoption of his proven methods amongst the medical profession, Dr. G. Keith Smith co-founded the Free Market Medical Association so as to revolutionize managed medical care through treatment cost transparency.

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