Mychal Massie is chairman of the National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives-Project 21 – a conservative black think tank located in Washington, D.C. He was recognized as the 2008 Conservative Man of the Year by the Conservative Party of Suffolk County, N.Y.

In 2011, he was recognized as one of the most influential black conservative Republicans.  He is a nationally recognized political activist, pundit, and syndicated op-ed columnist.  He is a frequent keynote speaker and former host of the top-rated radio talk-show “Straight Talk with Mychal Massie.”

He has been a guest on every major cable news network and talk-radio programming worldwide.  He is frequently quoted by authors and program hosts alike.  His positions on a colorblind society, educational reform, abortion, individual responsibility, limited government are forthright and unyielding.

A provocative, outside the box, visionary thinker, in February 2011 Mychal hosted an “empty chair debate” at the National Press Club, after Al Sharpton, Marc Morial Chairman of the National Urban League, and former Congressman and co-founder of the Congressional Black Caucus Walter Fauntroy, refused to debate him on the merits of their accusations of racism.

Recent Articles by Mychal Massie: